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FSK/ASK Transmitter Module


The MTX-MT75 FSK/ASK transmitter is designed for applications in the 315 MHz, 433 MHz, or 868 MHz bands.

The MTX-75 consists of a PICmicro® microcontroller architecture and a 315/434/868/915 MHz ASK/FSK RF transmitter. In addition, it features a 4 channel 10-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, one comparator channel, and 128 bytes of EEPROM memory.

Key Features

Frequency range from 290-350MHz, 380- 450MHz, or
ASK data rate: 0-40 kbps
FSK data rate: 0-40 kbps by crystal pulling
VCO phase locked to quartz crystal reference;
   allows narrow band receivers to be used to maximize
   range and interference immunity
Crystal frequency divide by 4 available(CLKOUT)
Low power consumption
   - 14 mA transmitting +6 dBm at 434 MHz
   - 4 mA transmitting -15 dBm at 434 MHz
   - 0.1 uA standby current
Wide operating voltage range: 2.7 - 16V
Industrial and extended temperature range
Typical Applications

Automotive remote keyless entry (RKE)
Automotive alarm systems
Community gate and garage door openers
Burglar alarm systems
Building access
Low power telemetry
Meter reading
Tire pressure sensors
Wireless sensors
     Data Sheet - Full technical data for the MTX-MT75 transmitter module (pdf)

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