Wed July 19, 2006 10:57 AM
FSK/FM/ASK Receiver Modules


The MRX-MT04/09 is an ASK/FSK/FM receiver covering the frequency ranges of 300-450 MHz and 800-930 MHz with a single conversion superheterodyne architecture.

The MRX-MT04/09 consists of a low-noise amplifier, mixer, phase-frequency detector, charge pump, high-frequency voltage controlled oscillator, fixed feedback divider, and fully integrated phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer.

Key Features

Single conversion superheterodyne architecture
Frequency range from 300-450MHz or 800-930MHz
ASK data rate: 0-80 kbps
FSK data rate: 0-40 kbps by crystal pulling
VCO phase locked to quartz crystal reference; allows
   narrow receiver bandwidth to maximize range and
   interference immunity
Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) for signal
   strength indication (FM, FSK) and ASK demodulation
Low power consumption
   - 8.2 mA MRX-MT04
   - 9.2 mA MRX-MT09
Wide operating voltage range: 2.7 - 16V
FSK/FM quadrature detector demodulator
Typical Applications

Remote keyless entry (RKE)
Low power telemetry
Wireless remote command and control
Wireless security systems
Low power FM receiver
Home automation
Remote sensing
     Data Sheet - Full technical data for the MRX-MT04/09 receiver modules (pdf)

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