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RF Handheld Development System


The Microchip RF Handheld Development System comprises the hardware and firmware resources commonly used by wireless designers in the design and development of wireless applications. The microchip RF Handheld Development System (HHDS-MT) offers a test suite that allows the developer/designer to vary a number of electrical firmware and antenna parameters to facilitate the optimal architecture and topology for the given application being developed.

The Microchip RF Handheld Development System (HHDS-MT) is intended for use by developers for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility of implementing the Radios, Inc. RF modules in various wireless applications.

Key Features

The development system includes two evaluation boards with the following features:

Self-contained and regulated power supply
One multi-configurable, receive antenna port
MCU with rx, wakeup, pushbutton and DIP inputs
    as well as tx, enable, LED, and piezo outputs
Configurable DIP Switches for calibrating HHDS-MT
    to specific RF module
Three push buttons for transmitting on different
    digital channels
Auto transmit mode for transmitting data once
    every second
Sample embedded firmware and software for
    wireless communication
Multi-electrical test point header
Typical Applications

The two development boards along with the supporting firmware and software have a wide range of uses for the evaluation and development of wireless applications using Radios Inc.'s series of Microchip modules.

System range testing
Bandwidth/throughput limitation
Antenna implementation
     Sales Sheet - Overview of the HHDS-MT handheld development system (pdf)
     User's Guide - Full user's guide for the HHDS-MT handheld development system (pdf)

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